Monday, 7 July 2014

You need to be aware of: you know that dizziness could mean heart problems?

A simple dizziness that usually passes quickly, can have a number of hidden reasons. Have more than 300 are estimated clinical conditions that can lead to anything this nice feeling

 . Dizziness can be a sign of labyrinthitis , diabetes, high cholesterol, hypotension, hypoglycemia, anemia , anxiety, hormonal or neurological disorders and migraine, and can represent more 
severe, as a cardiovascular disease . dizziness One of the heart disease that can cause dizzy is cardiac arrhythmia. Photo: Shutterstock There are a number of heart-related that can cause episodes of dizziness disorders. 

Therefore, the occurrence of this feeling of malaise, do not ignore or minimize the box: it is important to seek medical attention and report to him how often and under what conditions appear dizziness.

Only then, the expert can make an analysis of probable cause and assess whether it is related to any heart problem. Diseases that result in dizziness One of the heart disease that can generate Dizziness is the cardiac arrhythmia characterized by the feeling that the heartbeats are fast, slow, or even lack of them or interruption. 

Cardiac arrhythmia can be felt both in the chest, the throat or neck. Dizziness can also signal a box aortic stenosis, cardiac disease in which the aortic valve is narrower than normal, preventing blood from flowing out of the heart to the rest of sufficient quantity body.

Heart valve disease can also cause dizziness. Manifesting when the heart valves do not work properly, this type of condition causes the heart muscle loses the ability to pump blood. In some cases, the occurrence of the condition may be fatal, particularly when the diagnosis of the problem is made ​​so late. 

Atherosclerosis is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular disease process that affects the heart and can also result in dizziness. She is responsible for hardening arteries and weaken the heart muscle, which ultimately hurts the ability of pumping blood to the body efficiently and thus hampering irrigation and oxygenation of the body. 

Other causes In addition to signal a possible heart disease, dizziness may signify the presence of other diseases in the body. One of the most common causes of the condition among young healthy is vasovagal syndrome. Through it, the patient may suffer a sudden drop in blood pressure or your heart rate, compared to situations of stress and strong emotions.

These symptoms can also occur when the individual is still a long time in one position or face the exercises in an exaggerated way. Apart from dizziness, the syndrome can cause fainting. To detect it, you must perform the Tilt-Test Tilt Test or examination.

 Already in the elderly, dizziness is more common in people with labyrinthitis and postural hypotension. While in labyrinthitis dizziness occurs in a roundabout way (when the individual feels that everything around you is spinning), the postural hypotension ,

 the person gets dizzy when trying to change position. As the causes of dizziness are many, it is important to seek medical help to detect your motivator. Prevention and early treatment can prevent the onset of a serious illness.

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