Thursday, 3 July 2014

Doubt the reader: why yawning is contagious?

One of the biggest mysteries that permeate the universe understand why yawning is contagious . In a conversation of friends, just a person open his mouth and drop one yawn to happen one ripple effect on all the others. Only reading about yawning, can also cause the urge to yawn. Unraveling why yawning is contagious There are some theories proposed to understand why yawning is contagious .

  Initially, one must understand that yawning is nothing more than one of the oldest rituals in the animal kingdom. Yawning usually occurs when we are tired or very sleepy. Photo: Shutterstock Yawning usually occurs when we are tired or very sleepy. Photo: Shutterstock Yawning involves various body parts. First, the mouth opens and allows the entry of a greater amount of air in the lungs .

 Then, filling the lungs with air, he flexes the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm pushes. Soon after, this air is expelled through the lungs and felt a momentary relief. Tiredness or sleep explain why yawning is contagious? Yawning results usually when we are tired or very sleepy .

  However, there are many other theories that attempt to explain why we yawn and why yawning is contagious

. Some scholars show that it can be connected to how we breathe, while others believe that yawning has a thermoregulatory function. Ie, the incidence of yawning is much greater when we are in an environment with higher temperature than our body.

Several factors contribute to make it happen, but the big question is in why we could not avoid yawning when we see others yawn, but the answer to the question about why yawning is contagious is not simple. Emotions explain why yawning is contagious?

 One of the theories about why yawning is contagious yawning is that it would be a primitive form of communication. Ie, the communicator and yawns, while yawning, also the receiver acknowledges the receipt of the message . Other studies indicate that one of the factors for which this phenomenon occurs is associated with the relationship we have with people. There are many hypotheses elaborated on why

yawning is contagious . This unconscious command is one of the mysteries of our mind , because we can hardly yawn when we want or when we are being watched. Empathy can answer why yawning is contagious Researchers from Leeds University in England conducted a study with 40 psychology students and 40

  engineering students. Students were alone in a room with an assistant who yawned 10 times for a while. Psychology students, by having more training focused on human relations , yawned an average of 5.5 times. Have engineering students, accustomed to working with numbers and designs,
 yawned 1.5 times during the period. The study reinforces one of the theories that try to unravel why yawning is contagious examined by neurologists, showing that the act of yawning is associated with the same part of the brain that deals with empathy . In the animal world, there are situations that reinforce the idea that we
 yawn closer to people we like . Dogs, for example, yawn when he sees another dog yawning as well as respond to the stimulus in the presence of their owners. He wondered if it works? Pay attention to your pet.

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