Friday, 4 July 2014

Sleeping bem is critical to leave the body regulated

Sleeping well is a condition seen as essential for our body is always healthy. To have a regulated body , the sleep quality and duration of your exercise decisive influence and should be avoided as much excess and lack of sleep. Doctors recommend that humans need sleep about seven hours a night to have a regulated body .

 For those who do not achieve this with a sleep duration is a warning: sleep deprivation can cause many problems in the human body, especially hormonal disorders .

 The impact of sleep on obtaining a regulated body are easy to understand. People who do not get enough sleep end up making it harder for the body to carry out fundamental processes for the balance between all the functions that the body needs to be healthy play

 . It is important to understand that much of the process of growth of the body during sleep. When sleep is short or of poor quality, this growth ends up being harmed. Therefore, achieving a body governed will become more difficult.

 Some problems can affect sleep. Sleep apnea or raucous snoring can impair sleep and thus act against the search for a regulated body . It is during the first stage of deep sleep that the body produces the hormone GH, responsible for growth. When the person is awake at this stage due to snoring or sleep apnea, for example, the production of GH is compromised.

  Besides helping in the growth, this hormone also helps maintain muscle strength , improving physical performance and preventing the accumulation of fat. Sleeping bem is important because during sleep, is released leptin, a substance that controls the fullness of the individual.

 Therefore, tem uma Person who have difficulty sleeping but possibilidades becoming obese. Tips for quality sleep There are a number of factors that can affect your sleep. Try to sleep in a very dark room because the light interferes with the production of melatonin, the hormone that causes sleep.

  Perform physical activities also help to have a quiet sleep and a body governed , however, they should be practiced three hours before bedtime, or more. Before bed, prefers light foods such as fruits and vegetables. Try not to drink caffeine and remember that excessive alcohol can also disrupt sleep and cause snoring.

  In the search for a regulated body , always try to keep a routine and regular schedule for sleeping and waking. Also the pillow has an important role to quality sleep. He must be at the correct height for your size, filling the space between the head and shoulder.

  Another tip on the pillow is that it should be replaced, preferably every two years. Still prefer to sleep on their sides, which is the most suitable by doctors and therapists. Still seeking quality sleep, try using two pillows : one for the head and one between your knees.

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