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Watching pornography is harmful to the brain, says study

 Pornography is harmful to the brain

Scientists have discovered that there may be a relationship between the act of watching pornography for several hours a week and the volume of gray matter in the right lobe of the brain. According to experts at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, has also been less activity in the prefrontal cortex.  

According to the researchers, "These effects may include changes in neuronal plasticity resulting from intense stimulation of the pleasure center, "they add. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Psychiatry.
Experts say you can not prove that these phenomena are caused by the consumption of pornography. But according to the researchers, this work presents the first evidence of the existence of a link between the act of watching porn and a reduction in the size and activity of the brain in response to sexual stimulation.

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For the research were recruited 64 men aged 21-45 years and in good health. Participants were asked to answer a questionnaire about time spent watching pornographic videos, which resulted in an average of four hours per week. They also did a CT scan (MRI) of the brain to measure the volume and see how he reacted to pornographic images.

The scientists found that the more we watched pornographic videos and the greater the striatum of the brain, the less nervous structure just below the cerebral cortex.

The researchers also observed that the higher was the consumption of pornographic images and greater connections between the striatum and prefrontal cortex, the more the brain's outer layer (linked to behavior and decision making) was deteriorated.

Another conclusion of the study states that "individuals whose volume is smaller brain striatum may need more external stimuli for fun. So they look for in porn movies more fun, which can also lead to consume more, creating a kind of addiction. "

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