Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ebola back? Disease is scaring Guinea and neighboring countries

Recently, an outbreak of fever Ebola registered in Guinea, a country on the west coast of Africa, startled the small community of 70 Brazilians residing in the country. Info realize that at least 63 people had reportedly died from the disease . According to international news agencies, 13 cases of Ebola have been confirmed.

Symptoms of Ebola fever Guinean authorities have issued some recommendations for avoiding infection, but admit the fear regarding fever Ebola . The virus Ebola causes a disease characteristic of a kind of hemorrhagic fever and has no cure and can kill a person in a matter of days, depending on the viral mutation. Ebola virus causes a type of hemorrhagic fever, has no cure and can kill. Photo:

 Shutterstock Ebola virus causes a type of hemorrhagic fever, has no cure and can kill. Photo: Shutterstock Among the symptoms, Ebola can cause high fever, and headaches and muscle, conjunctivitis and weak. In the acute phase, Ebola causes vomiting, diarrhea and bleeding. Can be transmitted through the respiratory tract , or by contact with bodily fluids of infected persons. Precautions regarding the outbreak of ebola

The outbreak of Ebola was recorded in the region of southern Guinea forests and, according to authorities, is under controle.No However, neighboring countries are also suffering from suspected Ebola , such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Brazilian community may be withdrawn from Guinea by aircraft of the Armed Forces in case of need, as the diplomatic mission in Guinea.

Numerous precautions are being taken by the local population in order to prevent infection by Ebola , how to disinfect your hands regularly, avoid crowds and contact with people. Some are making meals at home until the danger passed. The historical connection of Africa with fever Ebola gives more reassurance to Guineans than the Brazilians, since they lived with episodes of epidemics in the past.   

 Still, the current preference is for the consumption of imported products, fish and chicken instead of red meat. However, schools may be noted the use of masks. Quarantine due to ebola fever Despite the arrival of the virus ebola Guinea, Brazilians living in the country report that little has changed on the day of Guinean
 capital. Fruits and vegetables in the area of native forest where it was recorded an outbreak are quarantined. In prevention of fever Ebola , most people try to avoid public transportation for short distances,

 although many buses in the only means of transportation. Sanitary conditions in the country are poor and those who can afford are only drinking bottled water. Have the government advised people also in preventing the virus ebola , to avoid the consumption of meat from wild animals and vetoed public   

 funerals for victims of Ebola , aiming to reduce the chances of infection. Liberia, which borders southeastern Guinea, also recorded five deaths possibly have to do with the virus Ebola . In Sierra Leone, two casualties reported in the border city of Boidu are suspected. Another recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa

  occurred in Mali, the fourth country affected. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has not restricted the trips to the region, the fear of proliferation of ebola increases worldwide.

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