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Disease at work: know the main diseases affecting

It is through work that we get our livelihood and contribute to society through physical or intellectual effort. But unfortunately, not every job is decent and safe for the worker and some endanger the integrity of the employee due to accidents or infections diseases. Generally, problems occur because of the very nature of the function or the lack of safety and equipment, overlooked by employers and officials. Find out now what are the main occupational diseases in Brazil!

Disease at work: why occupational diseases occur and what are they?

Disease at work: Vision Problems
Complications and vision problems are common in most of the workers who work at night. This type of disease occurs because during the night the body alters its hormone production, reducing the ability of some of its functions. As these hours are not intended for sleep wear can occur in excess. Replacing the night by day too uncooperative for optimal recovery. Therefore, the worker is at risk of being affected by conjunctivitis , cataracts or even completely lose vision.

Disease at work: Cancer and evils of radiation
The most severe diseases caused by work are caused by radiation. Exposure to X rays and gamma rays can lead to changes in cell production. The ultraviolet waves, infrared, radio and microwave, can affect internal organs - such as the testes, impairing fertility or sexual potency. But the most serious occupational disease is cancer, which can affect the skin, lungs or other organs. Construction workers are more easily harmed because they handle welding and similar devices, and other workers dealing with radioactive equipment without proper protection.
Disease at work: Skin Diseases
Prolonged contact with toxic chemicals such as cement, paints and solvents, can cause serious complications. Because of this, employees of chemical, textile and metallurgical industries are subject to diseases like dermatitis and even skin cancer . A substance called dichromate is one of the most harmful to the body and is present in most of the products used in factories and buildings. May cause itching, redness and result in the appearance of vesicles. The main preventive measure is the use of special protective clothing during work hours.

illness at workDisease at work: READ
Repetitive Strain Injuries are a number of physical problems, such as  tendonitis , tenosynovitis and bursitis also caused by intense physical labor. Appear more frequently in the factory workers, who work for a long period of time doing the same movements. Spending hours in front of a computer can also cause complications. The recommended workers is conducting several breaks during the working hours and performing stretching exercises during breaks.
Disease at work: Occupational stress
The stress occupational, caused by hectic pace of big cities and modern societies, is diagnosed in almost all professional activities. Excessive workload, inappropriate hours, bullying or harassment, low pay or lack of materials for the profession are some of the most frequent causes. Often provoke an aggressive and anxious behavior and even gastrointestinal problems.
Disease at work: Depression and mental disorders
Mental illnesses domain are increasingly common. Mental disorders can appear when working conditions and the psychological pressure is so intense that tend to aggravate stress. The patient may present even more serious disorders - such as social phobia, the depression and panic disorder. Among the hardest hit are professional operators in the financial system, teachers, police officers, journalists and telemarketing.

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