Thursday, 3 July 2014

10 steps to start living healthy now!

 Increase water consumption : recommended intake of at least 2 liters of water daily. Other beverages such as milk and juice, but help to cleanse the body and facilitate kidney function, but the ideal is that pure water is the main source to quench thirst.

Choose your best food at the grocery store : no to temptation and buy goodies to take practicality. Pass to consume more oats, extra virgin olive oil, yogurt working on
regularization of bowel function

, to protect the heart salmon, green tea - a stimulant of metabolism, which prevents tooth decay and obesity, and start consuming cruciferous vegetables daily, as broccoli, radish and cauliflower, and contain fiber, keeps cancer cells at bay.

Do not consume any remedies for symptoms to appear : use them only when it is in fact necessary. Opt for complementary therapies such as
, acupuncture and other treatments of the genre. Using remedies for headache, colic, intestinal pain, sickness and any other kind of discomfort has serious consequences for the organism, including addiction.
Less fried food : if indispensable, consume in moderation, stipulating once a month to eat fried foods.
 Therefore, use only light oils, which help control

. Healthy living requires less caterers that way.
Make daily physical exercise : walk, ride a bike, do team sports, run when you can. These moderate exercise to maintain health and prevent the causes of stress and tension.       

Take nature walks : how about setting aside the everyday madness and connect with the wonders of nature? It's a fun and relaxing day away from the horns, polluted air, and all agglomerations of stress that urban life imposes on us
Avoid / cutting sodas : did you know that
diet sodas and light
, even with fewer calories, are rich in other substances that harm the body such as sodium, dyes and preservatives? Opt for natural juices and teas, but do not be tempted!
Do not eat too fast : try to eat slowly, without haste, chewing food thoroughly.

Use sunscreen : Apply a sunscreen on your skin, whenever sunning. Not even for a light walk, take silly!
Escape the cigarette : If you smoke, try to decrease the bad habit to get it ceases. If you are not a smoker, try to stay away from people who are smoking, not to inhale the smoke. 

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