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Eye surgery corrects any defect in my sight? Learn more

Vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are increasingly being corrected by means of laser operations. However, eye surgery more popular in the world can cause a number of complications after a while, which has generated questions among people about the extent to which this procedure applies to correct any defect in my sight . Methods for ocular surgery Currently,

 the eye surgery the laser is performed by two methods: Lasik and PRK. The Lasik method is the most used, being able to correct up to 12 degrees of myopia and hyperopia six and four astigmatism. cirurgia eye Before performing an eye surgery is necessary to evaluate their pros and cons.

  Photo: Shutterstock What is Lasik eye surgery consisting in the application of laser to reshape the cornea in order to change the point where the eye focuses on objects and fix the degree of myopia , hyperopia and astigmatism.

  This change is made ​​so that the light falls perfectly on the retina. To this, the eye surgery carries a cut in the most superficial layer of the cornea with an instrument called a microkeratome, lifting the flap of fabric so that the laser can recreate the shape of the cornea , and replacing in its place in the sequence. Have the PRK method, which corrects up to four degrees of vision problem, remove a thin layer of cells of the eye

 , called the epithelium, and makes eye surgery without cuts, remodeling the shape of the cornea acting on its surface. Risks of eye surgery One of the most frequent complications of eye surgery laser is dry eye .   

By using the microkeratome, a large number of nerve fibers that pass the cornea is cut, creating a significant impact on tear production . Moreover, by changing the shape of the cornea, the Lasik method also changes the distribution of this fluid, further aggravating the problem. It is estimated that 100% of patients undergoing

 eye surgery through Lasik dry eye should present after the operation. However, the table is not permanent, at least in most cases. This is because the nerves regenerate three to six months, which causes symptoms disappear. As with any surgical procedure, the eye surgery through Lasik method is not a risk free

 procedure. However, when properly indicated, it brings great results . Studies conducted in 2005 showed that most of those who have undergone the method of eye surgery reported significant improvement in quality of life .'s chance of success is quite high, since the patient is assessed by qualified professionals.

 Recommendations for eye surgery To make the eye surgery to correct any defect in vision, it is recommended that the patient is over 18 years old and present a stable correction of more than half a degree in the last year or a degree in the last two years. Another clinical recommendation is that the individual who will undergo the surgical procedure has no corneal disease , eg, dry eye.

 In addition, surgery is not recommended for patients with autoimmune diseases and systemic diseases such as diabetes , because the outcome also depends on wound healing. Women who are pregnant or of breastfeeding should also not to undergo eye surgery . Liked the article? What is your opinion about it? Come share your experiences and take your questions in the Discussion Forum Doutíssima !

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