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Know the causes of rheumatism in the blood and how is the treatment

Characterized by causing inflammation in the joints, rheumatism in the blood is an autoimmune disease caused by the bacterium Streptococcus Beta-Hemolytic, who has neck pain as their main symptom. The aggravating factor is that by not receiving the treatment appropriate, it can develop into a serious health problem .

Scientifically known as rheumatic fever, the disease manifests itself most frequently in children between 5 and 15 years of age and may rarely also be diagnosed in adults. Common in areas of low incidence of sanitation , the bacteria found in these environments, perfect conditions to proliferate.

However, not all people are infected by this micro-organism that end up suffering from rheumatism blood. It takes a certain genetic condition for this predisposition.

The first symptom presented by the action of Streptococcus is even sore throat. however, so the body begins to produce antibodies against the bacteria, the pain quickly disappears.

The problem in this case is that the genetic makeup of the bacterium is very similar to the joints in our body, which ends up confusing the defense system, which proceeds to attack the body itself.

With this, there are very severe joint pain and swelling that is caused by inflammation, which disappear two to three days, but return to manifest in other joint in the body.

Over time, the pain becomes so severe that the individual shall not bear the act of getting. In more severe cases of rheumatism in the blood, when illness strikes a child and gets to the heart and nervous system, it may present fatigue, cardiorespiratory failure or even suffer cardiac arrests due to the destruction of the tissues of the heart .

Moreover, the attack on the central nervous system can cause the child suffers from mood swings and behavior, which may cause involuntary limb movements.
Treating rheumatism blood

The most common form of treatment for rheumatism blood is by means of antibiotics , including penicillin, which must be administered by intramuscular injection and periodically. As for pain and inflammation, analgesic drugs should be administered.

In the case of cardiovascular impairment , use of cortisone is required. Is a disease with serious complications that can even lead to death, it is necessary to treat it properly, following the therapy prescribed by the physician. Because it is a bacteria, if treatment is stopped on its own, it can be strengthened and become more difficult to control in the future.

As prevention is the best way to avoid the appearance of any disease, it is important to note that measures can be taken to prevent the development of arthritis in the blood. The main one is to see a specialist at any sign of inflammation in the throat.

Disease prevention is simple and is usually done by the use of benzathine penicillin. The important thing is to figure out the problem as soon as possible because, as experts point out, in about 50% of cases, the heart and the central nervous system can be damaged seriously.   http://stil-gefuehl.info/health-care/anna-gibson-steel-review/

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