Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Doctor explains in detail everything you need to know about treatment

 What is PRP?
Mean platelet rich plasma. Plasma is the liquid part of blood that, after preparation, is enriched with platelets responsible for the repair and healing of tissues through growth factors.

How do you prepare the Platelet Rich Plasma?
The patient has taken a few milliliters of blood, as in a blood test. After it is placed in a centrifuge separating the liquid portion (plasma) part of the cell (red cells, white cells and platelets).

As with the plasma containing platelets portion is separated and injected into the region to be treated.

What is the Platelet Rich Plasma?
Repair and regeneration of tissue through growth factors present in platelets.

Muscle damage (decrease healing time and improve the pain after the first week).
Partial ruptures of tendons (promote improved healing causing the patient to perform the rehabilitation with the best controlled pain).  https://www.apsense.com/article/how-much-do-you-know-about-pregnancy.html

Total Achilles tendon ruptures (as an aid to nonsurgical treatment) - in some cases may prevent the completion of a surgical procedure.
Elbow tendinitis.

of the knee (knee jumperãs) - pain relief and healing in some cases where there is a small break area.
Prosthesis surgeries (knee and hip) - in a study.

How it works?
Growth factors present in platelets promote regeneration and tissue repair.  http://teslio.com/blog/post/pregnancyadvisor/el-embarazo-by-lisa-olsen-5798
Minimally invasive procedure performed in an outpatient setting with / without the aid of ultrasound.
Minimal risk of contamination, which is avoided by following the basic principles of antisepsis.

Nonexistent risk of rejection, since it is the patient himself who donates plasma and platelets.
Significant improvement in pain in the first days.
Disadvantages of Platelet Rich Plasma
Cost to the patient, since operators health have not release this procedure.
Note: Some indications are still being studied, waiting for the best scientific evidence for your statement.

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