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Understand the risks of self for women

Self-medication is common habit among thousands of people. Since the days of our grandparents, who already used this practice, until today, from generation to generation. When we were kids and queixávamos in headache or flu, our mother now he drew a compressed cabinet or else made a homemade remedy that was "shot and fall".

Thus, it is proved that many people go directly to the pharmacy to buy medicine before you even think to look for the doctor. In addition, several studos now show that there is a higher prevalence of women adept at self-medication, which is a situation that has worried governments of several countries because of the risk of self-medication for health.

Many women tend to buy medicine for my home, for a time when our husband or children need. But in most cases they are unaware of the true action of these drugs and the adverse reactions they can cause. Moreover, often the drugs react with each other and with food by changing its formula and mechanism of action, which can cut or potentiate the action of the remedy in question.

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Another complication is that of self-medication to try to resolve the symptoms can help treat the real cause of it. For example, when we feel body aches, cough, malaise, the first thing we think is that we are digging colds, because the symptoms of flu are actually cited. But it turns out that these can also be symptoms of pneumonia, dengue and other diseases. So, we prefer to use some of these drug appearing on television. The danger is that by letting go doctor, we may be delaying the appropriate treatment for the disease that we really have. the risks of self for women

1 - Laxatives : their indiscriminate use can cause intestinal disorders and even bowel perforation, the fact that the fecal matter can get very stiff. Prefer a balanced diet, fiber and drink plenty of water;

2 - Antibiotics : There are several available in pharmacies and each serves to attack a different kind of bacteria. His frequent use can make our body becomes resistant to its action;

3 - Antacids : are used to relieve stomach cramps, but these pains can be alert for ulcers, tumors, pancreatitis and even acute myocardial infarction;

4 - Creams and ointments : women hate us blemishes and signs ne skin of the face and body. So whenever we see any sign soon departed for using some cream in despareça intention that the stain.But these ointments can cause contact dermatitis, and masking skin cancer. So, seeing spots, seek immediate medical;

5 - Vitamins : Vitamins some excess can cause disease, for example, enough vitamin C can cause gastrointestinal disorders and renal calculus;

6 - Teas and herbal remedies: natural even though they possess substances that can cause allergic reactions and drug interactions, as well as any other drug.

Besides the side effects that the medication may cause there are still risks of drug interactions :

    Using contraceptive along with herbal medicine: reduces up to 60% of the contraceptive action;

    Using contraceptive along with  antibiotics : many antibiotics reduce contraceptive effects of the pill even if it is used correctly. So it is important to ask the doctor if the prescribed antibiotic has this property;

    Using hormones with contraceptive : female hormones, like estrogen, along with the contraceptive may increase blood clotting, causing the woman can be affected by thrombosis, heart attack or even stroke;

    Using paracetamol together with anti-inflammatory : can damage the kidneys causing, for example, renal failure;

    Use slimming drugs along with  antidepressants : can cause tachycardia, increased blood pressure and consequently risk of stroke.

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