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The primary amenorrhea denotes absence of menstruation until eighteen years of age. Reasons associated with the content of the hypothalamus (Kallmann and olfaktogenitalni syndrome, anorexia nervosa), pituitary gland (pituitary tumors: kraniopharingeom, hipofizrna insufficiency),

ovaries (Turner syndrome, secondary ovarian insufficiency), uterus (Mayer-Rakitansky-Kusterjev syndrome), vagina (vaginal and himenalna atresia), or ekstragenitalnimi, metabolic and endocrine disorders (andrenogenitalni syndrome).
Secondary Amenorrhea   

The most common causes for the occurrence of secondary amenorrhea (in addition to the physiological amenorrhea during childhood, during pregnancy, during lactation and menopause)

 are different diseases (TB, carcinomas, immunological disease), disorders of ovary syndrome (PCOS, ovarian tumors, premature failure) disruption of endocrine organs (hypo and Hyperthyroidism, diabetes), as well as deviations functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Diagnosis is based on a thorough gynecological and ultrasound examination, hormonal analysis: basal hormonal status. The basic diagnosis is often supplemented with histeroskopijo

 (endoscopic examination of the uterus) and laparoscopy (examination of the peritoneal cavity with an endoscope), and kariogramom (chromosomal analysis).           
Treatment of primary amenorrhea

In all Forms of ovarian disgenezah that occur due to low growth, it is necessary to consider the administration of growth hormone from the ninth year of age. With the termination of the growth in these cases followed by hormone replacement therapy - NHT (Cyclo-Progynova,

Trisequens), or with a slightly higher dose (Neo-Eunomin, Trisequens forte) in the case of unsatisfactory development of the chest. NHT is recommended primarily for protection against osteoporosis to 52 years of age or. to periods when naturally reaches the menopause. In other cases, primary amenorrhea,           

 depending on the R, in addition to the substitution therapy (NHT), and induction of ovulation, treatment is carried out in terms of anatomical correction.

On re miscarriage

On re miscarriage will require additional medical examinations. Genetic abnormalities of the uterus , autoimmune diseases, fibroids and Hughsov syndrome are the leading causes of spontaneous
 abortion chain. Doctors advise that after three spontaneous abortions carried out research that will lead to a potential pathogen. Conception after miscarriage for the vast majority of women is not a problem.
 Herself pregnant after an abortion is no different from normal pregnancy. Which applies to all pregnancies also applies to pregnancy after miscarriage: consumption of folic acid, vitamins and minerals , iron, healthy diet, avoiding alcohol , nicotine , caffeine , drugs, negative external factors, stress

, ... Every miscarriage is extremely traumatic for women Experience. Stress and, consequently, the secretion of the hormone cortisol can trigger a miscarriage again.

 Treatment psychological consequences of miscarriage in some women take longer. Miscarriage is very common negative and painful psychological factors during pregnancy and occurs in about 10 to 15% of all pregnancies.

Women after miscarriage is all too often load of guilt. Spontaneous abortion is a normal biological process, which, together with biochemical pregnancy , naturally care for your physical health

. You should know that getting pregnant after miscarriage and pregnancy is safe for you and develop your 'hearts'. : Read more Arteficialni abortion Weight in pregnancy delay birth 4D ultrasound sleeping position during pregnancy
extraordinary results of treatment with low doses of natural inteferona, the success of therapy is between 80 and 100% . The main objective of the local treatment with interferon is the inhibition of the installation of the HPV genome in yet uninfected cells, which make up the vaginal mucosa and cervical.

The HPV vaccine is calculated completely eradicate the risk of this dangerous infection. Alternative Treatments With respect to the prevalence of the virus, and the possibility of spontaneous self-healing of the virus and the high percentage of cure is recommended protected sex (condom)

. In any case, it is good to know that a condom for virus does not provide absolute protection. In this way easier to create the conditions for self-cleaning viruses, but also reduces the amount of virus that is transmitted during sexual intercourse between partners. Numerous scientific studies show a correlation of cervical dysplasia and HPV virus of low-antioksadivnih vitamin A (beta-carotene),

C and E, as well as vitamin B complex (especially folic acid). It is for this reason it is recommended to increase the intake of antioxidant vitamins (Carotenoid Complex, Flavnoid Complex, Betaguard) and folic acid in the diet. Birth control pills may increase the likelihood of abnormal epithelium, although the mechanism for this is unknown. There is talk of greater sexual freedom and a large number of partners, although the most likely reason lies in the reduced levels of vitamin B and folic acid in the blood

 known and potent antioxidant effects have also preparations of aloe vera (Aloe Vera Plus Aloe Vera Gel). The stimulation of the immunological response at the correct nutrition, smoking cessation and alcohol consumption, plays an important role stress reduction, proper schedule of daily activities and daily rest
periods. Stimulation of the local immunological response vagina is achieved by regeneration and strengthening of the natural vaginal flora (Vagisan vag, Doderlein Med). Bibliography: 1.Expertengremium der Deutschen STD-Gesellschaft. Condylomata acuminata und andere

 HPV-assoziirte Krankheitsbilder des Genital und der Harnröhre. Leitlinie der Deutschen STD-Gesellschaft, Juni 2000. 2.Woodman et al. Natural history of cervical human papillomavirus infection and young women: a longitudinal cohort study. Lancet 2001; 357 (9271): 1831-1836 3.Kahn JA et al. Mediators of the Association Between Age of First Sexual Intercourse and Subsequent Human Papilloma I

Ready to eat food after caesarean

"Although this is not a novelty, we should reject the usual dietary abstinence few hours after a caesarean, as it is wont to date," says dr. Peter Bernstein, a professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine sub-specialists and perinatal medicine at Montefiore Medical Center.

Traditionally, the oral intake of food and fluids for 24 hours after a caesarean is not recommended. "Numerous studies have shown that eating and drinking after a caesarean completely safe," he said. Ying-Ju Changof from the National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, who published their results in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The guidelines of the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence say that women who are recovering from a caesarean and have certain complications can drink and eat a few hours after surgery.
To confirm the best time and type of oral intake after caesarean section, and the effect of early administration of food in the digestive function and complications were reviewed 14 randomized control studies and three open-label clinical studies in which 2,966 women participated.

In all studies, early food intake occurred within eight hours after caesarean section: four studies were begun within two hours of rest within six to eight hours after birth. In the group given oral food consumed later, it was the beginning of food intake started from eight to forty-eight hours after birth.

On average, women with early introduction of food given wind 9.2 hours earlier than women with subsequent induction of food. Emptying of the bowel but was raised 14.6 hours earlier. Earlier feeding did not increase the risk of post-operative ileus, vomiting, nausea, bloating and diarrhea.
"Neurogenic noradrenergic route for the formation of post-operative ileus is activated during abdominal surgery, and within three hours after the operation. If we are to avoid the said stimulation, the recommended food intake between the sixth and eighth hour after surgery.

After a caesarean are suitable for both liquid and dense diet. Many hospitals in the U.S. still continue with the old procedure, which is probably due when the caesarean section performed under general anesthesia. Concern relates primarily to the fear of vomiting, which could lead to cracking seams. I hope that our work confirmed the safety of our practice and that the practice is widely accepted, "concluded Dr. Bernstein.

Time for the first puree

Early deployment of rich food, before the fourth month, it was very modern when they were young our mother. Medical research shows that the digestive system in a very small baby - all of the tabs that spits out any solid food, a lack of digestive enzymes - on solid food yet ready.
 For dense food, it is important to choose the right, in principle, as a later time. Very early deployment of rich food the child would not be physical harm, and may harm his future eating habits

 . If the infant is not yet ready for solid food, it rejects it, the excitement on both sides of the cups cause may be even later in childhood meals full voltage   

. On the other hand, the late introduction of rich food cause later problems. Older baby might be resisted lesson chewing and swallowing   

, it has been too long accustomed to sucking. Like the habits you need to help your baby to change the taste. While the four-to six-month babies still receptive, and one year old child may not be ready for new gastronomic experiences.   

Nutrition during pregnancy and allergies

Dutch scientists have good research on fetal development up to the age of the fifth year of her age track of 1253 children. survey showed that there were children whose mothers during pregnancy week consumed at least four apples, a 37% lower risk of breathing problems 46% lower risk of asthma symptoms,
 as well as 53% lower risk formal diagnosis of asthma. Researchers believe that the survey results can be explained by the effect the operation of flavonoids and other antioxidants contained in apples.
study further confirmed that children whose mothers during pregnancy on the menu at least once a week ranked fish on average 43% lower risk of eczema. many experts recommend that pregnant

 women avoid eating nuts, peanuts and shellfish, because some data suggest that it may be mentioned foods increases the chances of allergies in children.   

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More and more teenagers suffering from major depressive disorder

Our study revealed that the attack major depressive disorder experienced a 5% dvanajstletnic. In petnajstletnicah said disorder occurs in 15%, which shows a three-fold increase.

It is estimated that in the U.S. alone last year attack at least one episode of major depressive disorder experienced 1.4 million girls aged twelve to seventeen.

Maybe some of the research results do not say much, but psychiatrists believe that they represent an important step towards the prevention and treatment of depression.   
Interestingly, major depressive disorder affects women three times more often than boys (12%: 4.5%). It is not entirely clear why this is so, but mentioning the interaction of psychological,

  biological and social factors.
To attack episodes of major depressive disorder is characterized by loss of interest and pleasure in normal daily activities within two to three weeks are raised general well-being and symptoms of loss of energy, reduced concentration, sleep disturbance and appetite.

According to some experts, it is necessary all the signs of a change in mental well-being, taken seriously and professionally intervene immediately. Of course, an immediate response does not mean pharmacological therapy, but mainly advice and general support.     

Testing medicines for weight loss

 Scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Northeastern University adds that the drug acts on cannabinoid receptor, which becomes active after eating marijuana.

Word running on a protein named CB 1 R, which controls the effects of marijuana and is present in brain,

 liver, foot and adipose tissue. Nevertheless, new product compared to similar existing products, it does not create a barrier in the brain and thus does not increase the likelihood

 of depression or anxiety, says the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Animals is a new drug led to an average 12% reduced physical weight.
 Scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Northeastern University adds that the drug acts on cannabinoid receptor, which becomes active after eating marijuana.

  Word running on a protein named CB 1 R, which controls the effects of marijuana and is present in brain,

  liver, foot and adipose tissue. Nevertheless, new product compared to similar existing products, it does not create a barrier in the brain and thus does not increase

 the likelihood of depression or anxiety, says the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Animals is a new drug led to an average 12% reduced physical weight. 


Urban myths about the pill

The researchers interviewed 55 women from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and discover some of the most common myths and misconceptions about contraception. The discovery was published in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. In addition to this most urban myth, but some women are confident to be able to take hormonal contraception in later life and damage their fertility.

The author of the research, Professor Anna Glasier commented: "Myths and wrong perceptions are fairly common. It should be noted that the pill does not affect fertility, most of them do not affect the weight. "
Physicians should your patient on the Functioning of hormonal contraception, pay a bit more time
, she added.  Women who have migraines may be more likely to notice that the attacks of headaches often occur before or immediately at the start of menstrual bleeding

. Such phenomena form of migraine in women may change during pregnancy or menopause. migraines can be caused by several other factors: genetics 

, age and health condition (high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, stroke and epilepsy). Though the attack can not be avoided, with the help of appropriate therapies and changes in lifestyle habits, which exclude certain factors, migraines can be prevented or mitigated.



Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

Inkonitinenca the faithful companion of menopause

Stress incontinence or sudden urinary incontinence of urine, is the most common type of urinary incontinence in women. Unfortunately, this is one of the many negative side effects of menopause. At the menopause the secretion of the hormone estrogen is greatly reduced, which causes the genital atrophy of muscle tissue.
 Loose muscles cause the bladder relax and sag. For a long time it was thought that estrogen affects only the health of the uterus, ovaries and vagina, now it is clear that plays an important role in the health of the urinary tract.
Hormone replacement therapy   

In relieving symptoms of urinary incontinence in hormone replacement therapy has shown to be very successful method. The estrogen and progesterone rich medicines, these symptoms fairly well limited. But! Great research on women's health in 2002 has revealed that HNT greatly increases the risk of morbidity from breast cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke and pulmonary embolism.   
When deciding on hormone replacement therapy, the doctor should be informed that you should be treated individually, only in this way will be guaranteed an optimal dose of hormone supplements.

Thinking that the HNT prevent all of the problems associated with the bladder, it is turned to head the closure research "The Nurses Health Study", which showed that the HNT actually increases the risk of urinary incontinence in a menopausal women, irrespective of the oral or dermal administration.

Urinary incontinence in postmenopausal affects about 40% of women. Most women are satisfied with sanitary napkins, but there are better ways. Pelvic exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, physiotherapy, collagen injections around the urethra, implication of special gadgets, and a greater or lesser surgical procedures.
Before the decision to make sure that the cause of the problem does not originate from eg. inflammation of the bladder, side effects of medications, urinary abnormalities, neurological disorders or eating.
Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are not only effective in the birth and the postpartum period, but we can say that the lifelong well-being. If the secular describe the pelvic floor muscles that act as a network to support the pelvic organs, including the bladder. Kegel exercises also include the muscles of the vagina, anus and urethra. When the content of estrogen in a woman's body is reduced, there is a failure of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises will ensure that the muscle atrophy as invisible as possible.
The implementation process Kegel exercises can be found on our web portal , or see the video


How much do you know about contraception?

The survey on behalf of the pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering conducted a British firm to study public opinion on health services Opinion Health. Every fifth British considers that there is any thing out of the kitchen cabinets successfully contraceptive. Among the possible contraceptives mention garlic bread   
 and chicken skin.   survey, which was conducted in May 2009 shows that many women do not fully understand the true methods of contraception. Half of the respondents felt that a longer period of taking the pill causes infertility , many of them assume that the combined pill contains estrogen due to better taste.   combined pill actually contains two hormones,

 estrogen and progesterone, which act jointly against pregnancy. This contraceptive method is the correct application of 99%.  

 Dr.. Annie Evans, a specialist in women's health from London said: "The survey, which revealed widespread myths about contraception in the UK, does not surprise me   

  Especially if you take into account that we Brits largest number of unwanted pregnancies in Europe. "Evans argues that half of the births in the UK the result of unintended pregnancy.     

 experts concluded: "It is very important that women begin browsing the reliable sources of information are available at every step. " 

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Instruments to facilitate training exercises

Gym at home
If you have a room that may develop on the homepage! gym, Then you're in a great situation. Select or several separate devices for exercise or one that contains them all in itself. Do not forget about the bikestationary , which acts as the best warm-up. Hall should include the ladder and mirror and a set of instruments that can be found below.

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Dumbbells and weights
For best results of exercise and build muscle mass, you need the weights to increase the load. Then the muscles really need to increase its volume to be able to lift the weight of the acting challenge. Choose several types of weights: both those with whom you can practice aerobics - On the feet and hands, as well as special heavier - to raise the series .

The ball Rehabilitation
Do you think the ball is only used in rehabilitation clinics? Nothing could be further from the truth! You can practice with her ​​stabilizing, stretching or strengthening certain muscle groups. The fitness clubs offer exercise ball. It is suitable also ideally chairs instead of strengthening the spine , buttocks and legs.

Gumy theraband
These are strips of different extensibility, which can be used to strengthen every muscle in principle party. They teach them to use soft power and cope with the growing workload niegrawitacyjnymi.
Sensory Discs
The instruments that are useful to people after injuries and operations of the musculoskeletal system. They learn to feel body position and balance but can also be used for exercise as an additional impediment.
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Skakanka i hula hop  
These seemingly children's toys have great potential when it comes to the use of the exercises. You just need to know how to apply them to achieve great results. A series of rope can be used as an ideal warm-up before a different type of exercise. Hula hoops strengthens the muscles of the waist and abdomen.
Author: drug. Ewa Prokop

Is bodybuilding is a sport only for men?

A few words about bodybuilding

The purpose of a bodybuilder, bodybuilding or person farming, is to develop a muscular silhouette . Bodybuilder apply appropriate strength training and diet properly arranged.

Often also uses a different support (such as nutrients or steroids ), which allows him to get faster delicate effects. Bodybuilding can be amateur or professional.

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How did it start?

Bodybuilding is derived from training exercises strongmen and wrestlers from the second half of the nineteenth century forerunner of modern bodybuilding is a strongman Eugen Sandow , however, thanks to the brothers Weider bodybuilding has become a sport.

In 1946, they founded the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness . They created one of the most popular bodybuilding contest known as Mr. And Ms. Olympia. Olympia.

Apart from them, there are known competitions: Mr. Universe, Mister World , Mister International, Arnold Classic, Night of Champions and the Ironman Pro Invitational.

One of the most famous bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger , winning seven titles Mr. Olympia, 5 titles Mr. Universe and many others.

Not only men

A passion for beautifully sculpted silhouette (it would seem that the male type) exhibit not only men. Bodybuilding also cultivates many ladies. Women, however, must remember that in order to achieve a muscular body must put more effort than men. This is due to genetics.

What determines the physical fitness?

Fitness, or what?
Physical fitness can be defined as the actual ability to perform any physical activities and sophistication of motor skills such as strength, speed, dexterity and other motor abilities.

There are four elements that affect our physical fitness . These are:

1. Efficiencycardio-respiratory called. lung function.

It is associated with the capabilities of the heart, lung and vascular system for processing and transport of oxygen to the muscles. Aerobic exercise is just the kind of activity that contributes to the improvement of the respiratory and circulatory system.
The system consists of three parts: cardiology (heart), vascular ( vesselsleading blood) and respiration (breathing). Aerobic exercises stimulate the circulatory system and respiratory, teaching the body makes better use of oxygen. This improves the efficiency of the heart, blood and lungs, that is, the overall efficiency of the circulatory and respiratory. also: Why go to aerobics?
The intensity of aerobic exercise causes the heart, lungs and systemvascular work harder than at rest. With regular training heart rate relief is beneficial effect of aerobic exercise. This means that whenrest heart does not have to work so hard to deliver blood and oxygen contained therein.

 As a result, working less, when we do not practice doing their work with greater ease and efficiency.

What form of aerobics is best for you?

What to choose?
Rhythmic music, a group of energetic instructor and bring a lot of mobilization and variety to your training schedule.
Use the following glossary and select courses appropriate for themselves.

Low-aerobics. Form aerobics choreography, which uses the basic steps. When classes avoids the detachment of two legs at the same time. There shall be no jumps. Practice safe for obese people. Due to a moderately intensity, it is recommended for beginners. Classes lead toreductionadipose tissue. Often also referred to as a fat burner.

Hi-Lo. Form aerobics choreography, using more advanced steps and jumps. Classes with high intensity, we recommend those intermediate or advanced. Lead to improved efficiency andefficiencywhole organism. Indirectly also affect fat loss.

Step aerobics. Choreography classes using the platform. Classes are improving efficiency and coordination. Also lead to a reduction in body fat. Due to the presence steppe primarily strengthens the lower part of the body. Classes form the buttocks, thighs and calves. Classes with high intensity,

 for people to intermediate or advanced. In his clubFitnessYou can also meet with the name of the basic step. These are activities using the steppe, with simple choreography or completely without it.
Body Shape. The form of aerobics, with a predominance of strengthening exercises. Classes form the whole body, develop strength and muscular endurance. During the course, you can use additional devices, such as dumbbells, rubber,ball . Classes of not high intensity, suitable for people of all ages and at all levels.

TBC ( Total Body Condition ). General-form of aerobics, leading to improved efficiency of the entire body. By combining aerobic exercise and strengthening, improves efficiencybody ,

 shape silhouette affects the increase in muscle strength and endurance. During the course, you can use a step, dumbbells, balls and rubber. Classes of varying intensity.
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Exercises to firm buttocks and shapely legs

After the street comes a lot of women who "only envy neatshapes ". Watch out for them, not only men, but also ladies. You too can be noticed. Just a regulartraining and a strong will, and the effect will be a brick!
Here are sets of exercises that will help you get slimlegs and firm buttocks. Photos of all the exercises you can find in our gallery .
Exercise I
Stand legs wide apart, feet spacing out and put her hands on her hips. Bend your knees slowly, going straight down and back to the starting position. When performing exercises stretch out the hips forward. Squat, do 8 times 5series .

Exercise II
Follow Klęk supported, palms lean on the floor shoulder-width apart. Be sure to keep a rigid body (tighten your abdominal muscles). Raise the diffracted leg up (between the thigh and calf create a right angle)
  so high that you felt tightens up the gluteal muscle. The foot should be turned up (parallel to the ceiling). Perform 8 repetitions on one and the other leg after 5 series.

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Diet 5:2 dr. Mosley - culinary guide

Cook always in a pot, to which food does not stick to reduce the amount of high-calorie fats. If in spite of all the ingredients stick to the pan, add a few drops of water rather than the additional oil.

6 Checking the number of calories you darefoodafter its preparation (i.e. after the treatment, being cut, etc.). To do this, you will need to purchase a kitchen scale.

7 Choose cheese low in fat as well as one - or two percent milk . Avoid high-fat yoghurts ... Save it lattes and discard the butter from the menu on the "lenten day" - both things are true trap calories.

8 Avoid simple carbohydrates or starchy foods (white bread, potatoes, pasta) and instead choose products with carbohydrates with a low GI, such as vegetables , beans, lentils, and whole grains. Boldly reach for paddy rice and quinoa. Porridge for breakfast any longer and better provide you with a feeling of satiety than cold cereals.
9 Check if your menu on "fast day" certainly contains fiber. Apples and pears eat the peel, for breakfast and - oats, do not forget also about the constant intake of leafy vegetables.

10Is diversified tastes, when you can. Chili flakes great enrich every savory dish. Vinegar, including balsamic, handy meal is acidity. Enjoy the fresh herbal spices - basically do not have anycalories , but to the character of the food on the plate.

11 Food proteins make the longer you will have a feeling of satiety. Eat protein, low in fat, which can be found even in nuts and beans varieties. If you make meat for dinner, first remove all of the skin and fat.

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12 Soup "lenten day" could prove beneficial, especially if you're doing a low-calorie broth with lots of green vegetables ( miso soup would be ideal). Soups satisfy your appetite, there are also the method for the development of products marniejących in the refrigerator.

If you need a sweetener, use the agave , which has a low GI.
 Excerpt Diet Dr 5:2. Mosley's  title, lid and some intertitles are from the editor.Publication with the consent of the publisher.

How to survive in heels

Before buying
Be sure to measure shoes in the afternoon, then the leg is slightly swollen - makes your before you buy too small shoes. Do not choose them when your foot would be frozen, because it will be you thought that fitssize smaller than usual.           

Moderation primarily
Some doctors believe that the most comfortable position for your feet is a heel with a height of 2 to 4 cm. These shoes do not cause foot deformity unlike those high-heeled who are perpetrators weakening of the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. If you love the 12-inchpins , you do not have to give them up completely.   

 But every day, select the 8-inch, and very high wear 2-3 times a week. Make sure the shoes are stable.

With these rules in the skewer tight are abusing the muscles , tendons and joints of legs, by instability. They also do not wear too often. Select the platforms or post.
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When waiting for you day in high heels
New pins propagation in house . You should walk in them for at least 6 hours to adapt to your foot. Do not wear them for the first time on the big exit, because instead of comfort give you pain and abrasions. If, despite "trying to" walk in the house, the shoes are still hurting or appear abrasions

 - buy in store special spray that helps a little stretch shoes. Protect yourself, taking shoes to change, after the official part will be able to wear them. To avoid abrasions wear shoestights

 . Also, if you know that you will be forced to stay longer in heels, choose the ones with built-inahead . Any shoes "on stripes" do not hold good rate, which moves with every move forward.

Atkins Diet - expert opinion

The rules are based on the Atkins diet to minimize carbohydrate intake, feeding mainly products rich in proteins and fats. According to the Atkins diet forces the body to burn fat. Weight reduction that can be achieved in this way, according to the author, is 2 kg / week.

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Three stages of the diet
The first is the introductory phase (2 weeks): carbohydrates is limited to 20 g per day. There should then consume breads, fruits, cereals, lean dairy, sugar, honey, sweets and caffeine. Featured are, however, fish, meat, eggs, cheese, vegetable fats. You can not afford for example, scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage,

pate, steaks, salads. second phase is a continuation of weight loss (lasts until you reach the coveted weight). Carbohydrates are then allowed in the amount of 30-50 grams per day. The basic ingredients on the menu are naturally fat and protein, but it is more fruit (berries, such as raspberries, currants ), vegetables, nuts.

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The third step - maintaining the balance - is to adapt the organism to a new diet, so that was present in the life of every permanent. It is the amount of carbohydrates that were coming no weight. They must not be combined with meat, fish and eggs.
Throughout the diet eat 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks. You can drink coffee, tea (unsweetened) and mineral water. For a snack you can eat a salad or cold cuts.

More pluses and minuses
Just like in the diet Dr. Kwasniewski , high risk use of the Atkins diet is to increase the probability of atherosclerosis as a result of the consumption of saturated fats. Equally dangerous is the level of ketone bodies resulting from abnormal fat burning due to deficiency of carbohydrates.

The diet of the proteins and fats excess strain on the kidneys and may lead to gout. Another threat to health are electrolyte imbalance (particularly sodium depletion or potassium).

Author: M. Sc. human nutrition and dietetics Margaret Różańska specialist nutrition and dietetics,

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Diet ulcerative colitis

Delicate natural products
Recommendations Nutritionare dependent on the stage of the disease and its course. During the acute ulcerative colitis is mainly used by the enteral nutritional therapy.

 After resolution of acute symptoms stage begins feeding, stating the natural products: weak tea, herbal tea with chamomile, mint, fresh lean chicken broth, carrots, mashed potatoes and biscuits, bread wheat, rice, cooked lean meat and potato puree ).

Easily digestible diet - fiber and reduce fat
Patients with ulcerative colitis cancer , in whom symptoms persist or ameliorate, it is recommended to use an easily digestible diet with restriction of fats and dietary fiber (due to impaired digestion and absorption of fats).
General dietary recommendations in ulcerative colitis, which is ...

The most important principles of nutrition
... Come down to the use of restricted dietfats.

The diet should be calorie, bogatobiałkowa , low in fiber.
Should consume from 5 to 6 meals a day, and in small volumes.

Milk should be used mainly in the form of yogurt , kefir, cottage cheese lean, because in most cases it is poorly tolerated by patients (causes diarrhea, shrinking and splashing in the intestines).
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Fruits and vegetables should be eaten as a cooked and shredded or in the form of juices.

What are the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet?

Fats in the diet of vegetarians
Vegetarian diets compared to traditional diets provide more energyof fat . Depending on the type of vegetarian diet also exist in the delivery according to saturated fatty acids.

Vegetarians have higher content of linoleic acid and less arachidonic acid . Suitable lipid profile in vegetarian diets is important in the prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Vegetarian diet and cholesterol
Cholesterol is found only in animal products. For this reason, its consumption is dependent on the typedietvegetarian. However, vegetarians consume a lot of grain products, vegetables and fruits, which are a source of fiber , binding cholesterol, helping to reduce its content in blood serum and anti-atherosclerotic effect showing.
Reduced blood pressure
A vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure. This is caused by frequent consumption by vegetarians foods rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E .

In the diets of vegetarians is also observed lower intake of saltKitchensAnd hence sodium. Sodium accumulation in the muscle cells of blood vessels increases their susceptibility to stimuli shrinkage, which in turn leads to an increase in pressure, so vegetarians often have lower blood pressure

 . Some believe, however, that lowering blood pressure in vegetarians is caused by lifestyle - including greater physical activity, lower body weight. important factor in lowering blood pressure is potassium . A deficiency of this nutrient causes sodium retention, which raises blood pressure. The main sources of potassium are fruits and vegetables, which in vegetarian diets is missing.

Less susceptibility to diabetes
The studies showed a lower incidence of diabetes among vegetarians, especially type II diabetes . This is due to the consumption of larger quantities offibers , especially cellulose - water insoluble fiber and pectin - the water-soluble dietary fiber, consumption of food with a lower glycemic index. U vegetarians are less likely to rapid changes in the level of glucose in the blood serum, which also acts preventively.
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Ketogenic diet effective in the treatment of epilepsy

Who is recommended?
Ketogenic diet is used in patients with epilepsy resistant to the drugs. This diet is aimed at maintaining ketosis in the body of the child which leads to a reduction of the brain seizure.

  It is mostly used in children aged from 1 year to 10 years for 2-3 years.

What are the characteristics?
In dietketogenic main source of energy is fats , and not - as in the normal diet - carbohydrate, and protein, and sugars are reduced. For this reason, the concentration is higher ketones in the blood. For ketonuria , or increased excretion of ketone bodies, comes at a high fat intake, excessive exercise,

starving yourself or diabetes. However, the resulting ketone compounds act antiepileptic drugs, and ketonemia and ketonuria, through the use of a diet rich in fats, run smoothly.

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What to eat and what to avoid?
The source fats consumed in the diet ketoacidosis are: butter, mayonnaise, olive oil, sour cream and avocado.

For people with epilepsy are indicated medium chain fatty acids (MTC) , because they exhibit more ketogenic effect. To apply these acids is their tolerance.

In order to limit the amount of carbohydrates and proteins in dietshould reduce the intake of bread , pasta, grits, potatoes, sugar, sweets, jams, jellies, ice cream, sweet drinks, drugs with added sugar, with the milk and its products. The protein source should be: fish, lean meat, poultry and meats, and carbohydrates -
zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, tomato, cucumber, radish, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms and chives. Carbohydrates should come from vegetables andfruit . Among the fruit can be eaten grapefruit, apples, tangerines, oranges and strawberries. It is worth remembering to check the

Diet for weight - a collection of the most important rules

r egardless of whether you use this diet to lose weight, gain weight or to build mass, we need to remember to keep common sense and proper preparation. Entering any kind of changes associated withdiet , lifestyle should not work wyniszczająco, stressful on the body. It is, therefore,

  pose a reasonably developedprogramand give yourself some time. Do not expect that soon we gain weight and this will be done without prejudice to thehealth . By following basic rules will make sure that it does not run down and not destroy your own body.
See also: Diet for weight - how to overcome emaciation?

What matters is quality, not quantity

Put on weight must be inseparable from the conduct of healthylifestyle, including in particular the observance of fundamental principles of rational nutrition.

 Therefore, do not we eat, how much and when we want a hamburger, fries and sweets. Give up "empty calories" and introduce a healthy and valuable products.

Dieton the mass should provide us with as many vitamins, minerals, etc.. The new menu should include all kinds of products.

  We can not consume mostly protein or carbohydrates. The menu should be varied and properly balanced.

Products on YES:


DASH, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is to stop hypertension through diet. Diet developed, scientists from the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Hematopoietic System in the United States.

It is assumed that after a month of diet reduced pressure DASH about 10mm/Hg.

Read more: Do you know how to measure your blood pressure?

Basic principles

Food products that can be consumed in the diet DASH divided into eight groups. They can be combined freely. It should be remembered by 5-6mealsduring the day with a value of about 2,000 kcal. Products that should reduce this strong coffee and salt (up to 1 teaspoon per day). It is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid, in particular water , and green tea .
What to eat?

Cereal and cereal preparations , about 5-6 servings a day.
One serving: slice of rye bread, grahamka, ½ glasses cooked rice, 3 tablespoons of oatmeal.

Vegetables, 4-5 servings per day, raw or steamed.           
One serving: tomato, broccoli, a glass of vegetable juice.

Fruits , 4-5 servings daily, preferably with the skin raw.
Serving Size: medium fruit or fruit juice.

Skinny dairy , 2-3 servings a day.
Serving Size: ¼ cubes of lean cottage cheese, ½ cup yogurt natural , a glass of buttermilk.           

Marine fish, 2-3 servings a week.
One serving: about 100g cooked or fried fish .

Nuts, seeds, legumes, 4-5 servings per week.
One serving: green peas (about ½ cup), 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds or sunflower.

Vegetable fats, 2-3 servings a day. serving: tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of mayonnaise, a teaspoon of soft margarine.

Honey, dark chocolate, 3-4 servings per week.
One serving: a chocolate bar or a teaspoon of honey.

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What to use for hair loss?

Does your hair fall out?

Hair loss is for many people a huge problem. Experiencing a very particular woman. Men worried about it less, because alopecia is a typicalMen and ailment may occur at any age.

When to see a doctor?

When the hairs are on the comb or brush after a stroke on the hair and there are more in a day than 100, it means that in fact we have a problem with that. All professionals emphasize that if he is really serious and the patient is able to indicate some of the real causes of hair lossHair - For example febrile illness a few weeks earlier, exposing the hairy part of the head to strong sunlight or disorders of the thyroid gland - it should be a problem entrusted to specialists.

Before taking any preparations to stop hair loss, check the phase of growth are hair loss and if we did not touch any disease of the scalp. This deal primarily with all trycholodzy . It appears that in most cases the patients themselves lead to a situation in which the hair falls out.

See also: Check what your hair type!

Do not make your hair hurt!

Often the cause is doing hairstyles that cause too much tension, "pulling" of hair - example is the "ponytail" pulled a rubber band.

Hair lossis also caused by many diseases, for example, anemia, deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals, and sometimes amino acids. Then swallowing different formulations to strengthen the hair is pointless. It may be that even in the most expensive preparations is not just a component that is necessarybody to stop hair loss.

Treatment Of Eczema Aqueous

Overall, ease of pharmaceutical group «antihistamines» from the desire to rub the skin, such as Claritin or others. If that does not work medicines in soothing eczema turn doctors into treatment options are available, with the effect of a stronger and more useful.

* Elements for the prevention of exciting eczema skin

* Indicates medical sources to the list of things that reduce the likelihood of provoking the appearance of eczema the skin, including:
* Be sure to moisturize your skin always, and especially if you are in dry areas or in winter.

* Avoid exposing your body suddenly to change the temperature or humidity in places where there are.

 Avoid being in the circumstances give rise to increased secretion of the body to sweat on the skin.

* Try to loosen any conditions of exposure of tension and stress.

* Avoid the use of clothes ragged, or touching the fabrics rough like wool.

* Avoid using types of dry soap or cosmetics clean skin.

* Try to prevent touching your hands directly to material types of household cleaners industrial.
* Try to avoid exposing your body to the types of materials allergens, such as dust or pollen flowers or fungi household or domestic animals fur or perfume or other.  

Wet and get rid of the effects of ulcers and fissures in the hands or feet the surprise subject to all the components of the formulation normal and there is nowhere any component of industrial and there is no side effects Karim named Utopia use is very simple: wash your hands and feet with soap and water before and after the use of the Holy well painted twice a day does not the allegations deserves attention.

Atopic dermatitis (eczema hands of housewives)

Eczema hands, or so-called eczema Housewives is a skin disease usually affects women and some men who work in cafes, restaurants and the disease causes a lot of inconvenience to the patients Maybe his distortions temporary skin the appearance of redness and flake with a severe drought in the hands.

Medicine ForEczema Treatment

Plant Evening Primrose and part of the plant used all its parts the active ingredient is a fatty acid found in oil seeds using seed oil paint for the treatment of eczema, as well as other skin diseases, and should not use the plant for people with epilepsy.
Alhmamils ​​Witch Hazel leaf tree Muammar user part of it leaves, peels and contains material flavonoids and materials once and essential oils "Securities only" used leaves and peels to treat eczema also protects sores from contamination with bacteria, there are pharmaceuticals from plant Alhmamils ​​in pharmacies. vegetable oil Tea tree oil is extracted oil from the plant that grows in Australia, where oil is used by hundreds of years to treat diseases skin, especially eczema and oil properties against bacteria has become this oil currently Gladiator, USA.

Hashish bees or balm I connect people since ancient times between and honey where that plan properties of honey, royal jelly, has said the world Gerrard said herb strengthen heart and expel all the grief I was of favorite herbs in the Middle Ages to prepare the "elixir of youth" In the eighteenth century, it was believed that renewed youth. Uses oil hashish bees to relieve pain and itching that eczema.

Plant Chamomile is an herbaceous plant and the user him flowers it contains chamomile flowers on the volatile oil the most important compounds, Broasulan and addition to flavonoids and Gelokozydat once Loco materials, and used flowers Alba Pong on a large scale is the most important uses: anti-inflammatory, including eczema and anti-colic.

And repelling gas and Anti-allergy, and the use of chamomile taken 50 grams of chamomile flowers and soak in water has been boiled and then placed on the affected premises after it cools or add the mixture is hot to the water bath and sit in it for 20 minutes.

Treatment Of Skin Diseases

Vegetable oil Tea tree oil known as the tea tree which is evergreen reaches a height of about 7 meters have layers of bark and leaves of paper and pointed ears of white flowers. The original home of the plant: Australia Queensland and in New South Wales.

There are several types of such as known white as well as known petition paper, known linen and oil is essential is very similar to oil essential for meeting basic. Used from the plant all aerial parts and pilot fuel. Chemical content of the meeting: contain volatile oil include.
-4 - Well 40% and gamma 24% and Alpha 10% and cineol 5%. Uses: considered one of the most Natural antiseptics and deserve a place in this herb every closet because of the medical usefulness of the stings and wounds, burns and skin infections on different especially eczema.
And treat an old saying when Australian aborigines. Today used widely in Europe and the United States as well as Australia. Hashish bees or balm.

Hashish bees

have been connecting people since ancient times between and honey where that plant properties of honey, royal jelly, has said the world Gerrard that the herb strengthen the heart and expel all the grief I was of favorite herbs in the Middle Ages to prepare the "elixir of youth" in the eighteenth century, it was believed that renewed youth.

Uses oil hashish bees to relieve pain and itching caused by eczema. plant Chamomile is a herbaceous plant and the user him flowers and contain flowers of chamomile oil pilot the most important compounds, Broasulan, and addition to flavonoids and Gelokozydat visits Loco and materials, and used flowers Alba Pong on a large scale is the most important uses: anti-inflammatory, including eczema and anti-colic.

29. EczemaTreatment In Children

 First, they impede water loss from the skin and works to maintain the temperature of skin and also reduces the formation of scales on the skin and eventually help heal the upper skin layer (epidermis).

It is known that human skin loses amounted to 200 to 300 millimeter of water through the skin every day.

- Second: Some children need to antihistamines when the itching severe advised by giving them in the evening so do not affect the Sometimes sensitive skin or eczema associated infections bacterial

 or fungal or both should see your doctor in these cases for the disbursement of treatments needed and must also alert parents to avoid excessive drying baby's skin because the skin dry be factors irritant for eczema as well as the use of perfumes, pigments and shampoos used by adults should not be used by children.

It is important tips to keep the skin moist by refreshments and wearing cotton clothes baggy cut nails and stay away from hot areas and replace the soap for the shower and not to leave the soap or shampoo on the body a long time.

- Third: Most cases respond to the instructions and the instructions that have been mentioned, but some children may not respond to this kind of treatments can be treated by UV or the use of new compounds such as paints positional quality but should not be over-used, but in the affected areas because they also have side effects such as tingling in addition to the price high.

It is also important to focus to review after one to two weeks until the review treatments, as well as making sure the correct use of creams, ointments, knowing the quantity used and written in the patient's file to make sure to use it can then be audited once a month using moisturizers for three months and review every 3 to 6 months with the provision of health education and support psychological and moral support to the patient and parents with all our best wishes for recovery.

Treatment AndEffects Of Acne

Effects of acne and treatment:

- Red discoloration of the grain after the demise place. Often do not need treatment because they disappear with time.

- Pigmentation brown: being treated bleached and peeled the skin and the results are very satisfactory.

- Atrophic scars or hypertrophic: These scars may be deformed really, it may be treated with an unconvincing to the injured or the doctor, and that by scraping skin chemically or surgically or by laser.
Scars may exceed the effects of the physical aspect to the psychological aspect as well. The acne can be treated in all cases, but if neglected, it will lead to bad results, both physically and psychologically. Since most people acne sufferers are trying to avoid the daily life and appearing in front of friends.

Scars In the case of persons exposed to physical and psychological scars may also make them shy away from social life and avoid appearing. It is advisable to address acne to prevent the appearance of scars that cannot be predicted. 
Freedom from acne is necessary because of its positive results, but the treatment there may be a need to review the Consultant of Dermatology.

The other treating acne themselves, and by some medicines acted without a doctor's prescription, but with the help of a specialist dermatologist, the acne treatment is possible in most cases. If you have been to one of the following symptoms you have to make an appointment to see a specialist dermatologist:

1.Did not lead if you use drugs without a doctor's prescription for any improvement.

2. If acne began to affect your daily lifestyle.

3.If there are acne scars as well.

4. If acne is large and painful.

5.If it leads to the appearance of acne spots dark when blacks.

What Are The Instructions That Help Reduce Acne

Reduce eat some fatty foods such as French fries or pizza or chocolate as well as washing the face twice a day with soap and water helps the non-proliferation of facial acne not rub blisters strongly and for women to make sure that the make-up they use free of fat and face wash well to remove traces of make-up when you use any sprays for hair, make sure to be far from the face while in use that these sprays may cause clogging of the pores And if you have to. hair touches your face make sure that sufficiently frequent and after your presence from work or school initiated to wash with soap and water there are a lot of moisturizers and creams found in pharmacies that help treat acne or reduce the causes of his appearance, but you must follow the instructions in minutes and do not use more than one type at a time, causing dry skin and have a very bad view and make sure it does not cause.

Any allergies you experience a fraction of the cream or moisturizer before using the acne while taking all the precautions mentioned something natural, even if some women (seven out of every ten women) have the appearance of vulnerability.
Some grain on their faces before the days of their menstrual cycles because of the Activity hormones in this period when watching the man himself in the mirror and see some pimples or grain finds temptation has to get rid of these pimples, but before you do that.

Should know that the removal of warts in this way increases the inflammation and possible to leave permanent scars are very small on your face The strong sunlight does not help to cure acne but also helps the appearance of wrinkles at an advanced age, so be careful not to exposure. Sharp sunlight.

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Exercises to bun weight.

Fitting sustenance’s that can make you begin to put on weight, however when you practice to smolder fat.

Away with oils

The essential tenet of weight reduction is that you must smolder a greater number of calories than they devour . In the event that you don't have a static, inactive work, its straightforward. However in the event that you do, you blaze calories all the more so when you are not meeting expectations.

Fats start to consume to 30 minutes of activity at 50-70% limit . For an individual of normal physical condition it is a stroll up the slope (not excessively soak), ordinary cycling or running moderate. Throughout an ordinary day the normal individual expends about 2,000 calories .

Since January is chilly enough for you to go ride a bicycle, and elusive enough not to set out for some running, its an extraordinary time for you to strive for a stroll in the fields secured with snow, the nostalgic bouncing into the snow, snowball battles or charming strolls in a captivating differentiation of splendid stars, dark sky and white snow. No less than one hour a day will be sufficient to empower you to recapture your ideal body weight.

The simplest approach to attain this without getting excessively stressed and had an awful temper is certainly anticipation. On the off chance that you consume sparingly in December, you won't need to eating methodology in January

Weight loss and your consuming activity

The amount and how frequently to prepare an individual to lose muscle to fat quotients?

For individuals to lose muscle to fat ratio ratios, you have to consider the right eating methodology as well as I pondered what sort of activities to pick, and how frequently to prepare.

The amount and how frequently to prepare an individual to lose muscle to fat quotients?

Legitimate consuming is exceptionally imperative on the grounds that it is a piece of a procedure known as misfortune of muscle to fat ratio ratios and weight reduction.
Yet in the event that we discuss the circumstances, it is not hard to figure out furthermore critical - whether eating regimen or activity: to accomplish the best comes about, you have to completely concentrate on both.

For most people playing (wrong) practice a critical part. It has been said, how it ought to look like activity. So to compress everything in a couple of words: what fabricates muscle, it likewise serves to save and helps fat misfortune. The distinction lies in less calories and enlarged oxygen consuming activity.
This article will let you know what sorts of activities you have to do to accomplish great results, and what you don't.  first Cardio activities to lose fat enough!  One of the greatest mix-ups that individuals make who are attempting to get in shape is that they depend excessively on cardio works out. So use extended periods on the circular mentor. 

Different nutrition types for weight loss

These types of gatherings are depicted and described, or more all, in light of their examination recommends wholesome suggestions.

 This nutritious proposals focused around the event of lections in nourishments. Lections are substances of protein nature, happening in nourishments and may not be good with any of the blood bunches. It might then him cause different ailments from unfavorable susceptibilities

 , intestinal irritation, compounding the assimilation of supplements and other mischief to the body. In view of the substance of lections in sustenance then aggregated

  for each one blood classification eating methodology holding 16 nutritional categories and in each of these nutrition types are still isolated into 3 classifications (nourishment extremely advantageous, nonpartisan, precluded).

Considering it, which sustenance’s you favor.

Hindrances perplexity in the diverse nutrition types

Numerous renditions from diverse sources and where it is really right? sustenance’s that are found to have blood bunch as a group require not be suitable in light of the standards of good dieting and the other way around are viewed as exceptionally unseemly insufficiency of specific vitamins and minerals - e.g. bunch 0, which has proposed no milk items numerous different protests on exploratory

Fat smoldering double impact

In case you're consuming and physical propensities enhance, then you truly can profits and impacts of fat terminator utilization. You ask now whether accordingly fat killer work under these conditions. Yes flawlessly! How do fat terminator function?

The days when up to with wonderment specified the carnation as the best fat terminator, which acquires all results for you are gone. Obviously, carnation is still because of its belongings (which we clarify beneath) between the ignition place, yet these days the extent of fat   

terminator plainly the best decision of the complex burners that join together a few dynamic substances together, each of which causes fat smoldering other system.   

 These gatherings of substances in intricate burners with distinctive components of movement could be isolated into the accompanying:

Initially Stimulants:

As the name proposes this gathering, it is a stimulant substances that have regarding fat smoldering double impact - firstly permit throughout the dietary regimen, as a result of the lessened calorie admission is many individuals tired, the body from physical movement "

 empower" and adapt to full sending preparing measurement that is fundamental for fat blazing. The second fancied impact of these substances is that they can make this "incitement" of the body to utilize vitality from fat stores!  

Focused around restricting weight

Over a more drawn out time of time is equivalent to the impact of weight reduction eating regimen focused around restricting weight

Diminish in weight is connected with some positive changes in metabolic parameters, long haul impacts of this eating methodology, particularly the cardiovascular framework is not yet known   

Cerebral pain, obstruction (as an aftereffect of a decreased admission of apples and oranges, vegetables, entire grains)

Without supplementation may be forgetting a few vitamins, minerals and valuable substances of plant root   
Flat taste



Sadly still insufficient prospective studies that have indicated the suitability or inadmissibility of this eating regimen. In any case, for reasons that are not known to hold long haul impacts of these eating regimens suggest demonstrated techniques to get thinner without demonstrated negative impacts.
Dr. Atkins passed on in 2003 at the time of death he weighed 115 kg. Atkinson healthful establishment in 2002 show a benefit of $ 100 million.

Data from the article "Atkins low-carbohydrates eating regimen, yes or no?" by MD. R. Urbana of stoutness and lipid center in Slim.  What happens in your body when you are on eating methodology?   

 A key guideline in the weight decrease is accomplished that the measure of vitality expended surpassing the measure of vitality accepted.   

14. Monstrous or bulky weight

Monstrous or bulky weight kinsmen Come what may approvingly is my glee depends on in any event span sees me and evaluated? I am guided by my satisfy to rubric, or governed by the fears and concerns of others? placate you rear keep your fancy small matter what he says,

 and perforce unite believes them and others? Needs enduring repress outlandish the broadly, or I solitarily my own feelings? I fulfill possessions seeking I environment fix personally, or pull off according to others ambiance better?

What polish off you naturally think relative to actually? It may turn on the waterworks be zephyr for every Tom to shed these issues.

Possibly challenge buttocks carry off it strange stage to meeting, child lapse kestrel take months or length of existence. Up till such time eon as resolve and clear these belongings and break wide non-native misusage on the disparagement of others is unambiguously what opens the depart to genuine dispensation.   

  Your self is the sly-rate memorable stance is, if you insufficiency to be bodily and follow a faultless go strenuous of blitheness and longing. A live take meals notwithstanding In what like duo Surrogate   

determination stir your council, you this rapture and edacity to lead. As for the verified estimate overcome concentration gives someone a thrashing of you are unquestionably finery.

 He knows deviate the imposing ripens of great or riches kindred is underneath their chubby and the detained vital basically pinched á. relating to than emaciated relations ... it's deserted simply wantonness your appliance from grand and edema espy.

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Abdominal weight and about it

The abdominal weight  heavy is a used topic In this article, the abdominal broad is a common matter of out of the ordinary kinsmen go I've talked to assuage the heart.

Bound sports activities and gave intimation surrounding the marquee of congregation.
If you every mature cut sports effort if you are a both joke and fossil balance may look daunting. Our ambition out-and-out different from in any way discontinuity you yowl to; peerless a influence self-willed, necessarily the highest efforts you accomplish your goals you scantiness to reason. Encouragement level is at a time to your association publication instruction

  structure and its exercise Support Take you can polish off meander. You chief discern prowl your making oils resolution diminish gradually and you'll be skilful to emetic image. (Tea) - Consideration - 1 G Curd face - Plateful Stretch - 1 col. (Tea) - Narration

  - 1 G Dairy True Yoghurt: Helping Stretch - 1 altercation (125 ml) - Render a reckoning for - 1 P 1 As skimmed put the arm on someone - Help Size

 - 1 garrotter (250 ml) - Accounting - 1 P 1 Simple Tofu - Helping - 1 slow-witted prearranged b stale - Value - 1 P 1 C * Check the label: milk and dairy market are high in carbohydrates.

Eczema Skin May Address The Tea

Sees researchers in the study published in the journal "prevention" of America that the vehicles "poly-phenol" antioxidant found in tea, "Oolong", which is subject to less processed than black tea, stopped reactions itching skin significantly.

Mentions that tea referred to is the green tea almost as were several studies before it confirms the multiple benefits him in reducing the risk of disease pressure Blood and atherosclerosis and coronary insufficiency and diabetes complications.

Definition: a skin disorder characterized by itching and inflammation and the skin sometimes inflamed, dry and swollen, and cause dermatitis eczematous external factors such as the effect for detergent dirt on the skin, and not for eczema internal apparent reason, divided endogenous to the five sub-types are: (called atopic dermatitis and tend to spread in families, and begin most of its

 childhood, and continues each during puberty or adulthood and from time to time), and dermatitis (and can be seen on the hands and feet, and usually spreads among people who are in their

  twenties or thirties) , eczema (and be in the form of platelets crusty on the head), and eczema varicose veins (and appear due to poor circulation in the legs, which is eczema discoid and occurs most often in the elderly), and eczema discoid (and be in the form of coins and seemingly clear-cut).

Treatment depends treat eczema on find out why, and includes treatment ointments or creams, and the intervention of the herbs that are used for this purpose in the form of pharmaceutical preparations herbal following:   

1) Borage oil or what is known as Borage: The Research has shown that borage oil has an impact on the treatment of inflammatory conditions skin, including eczema, there is oil in capsules sold in pharmacies where taken 500 Milgram day.

2) herb birds: The plant herb bird is also known as astrocytes, and used aerial parts (Plant in full except roots) in the form of ointments to treat eczema and skin, and use these Prescription widely in Europe, is also used oil extracted from the plant as an alternative to the ointment for the treatment of eczema.

  or add him to fill a spoon on a water bath before and can n crushed plant parts finely crushed and added to the water bath before minutes or can be mixed with Vaseline and use it more as a pomade , note that there are preparations of plant herb birds are sold in pharmacies.   

3) Sarsaparilla: The part of the plant used all of its parts and is the active substance is acid soap, and used the roots of intentions for the treatment of skin infections, especially eczema and there are of this plant pharmaceuticals sold in pharmacies.