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First aid: how to act in case of emergency

 When there is a case of emergency we need to know how to act to ensure that the expert help arrives on time. For this it is necessary to pay attention to four basic steps that should be followed in time to provide first aid to a person.
First aid

Four Steps to a first aid care

1. Protection
It is to avoid the danger to the victims and to those who provide first aid. In road accidents, ask the other person to regulate the movement, put a warning sign (triangle) at 150 m from the accident and turn off the car to avoid the risk of explosion. In cases of poisoning by gas or smoke, start to solving the problem by opening the windows. Pull the victim out of the room and close the door. In electrocution, cut the power of place or unplug before touching the injured.

Two. Alert
If there are two people at the scene, one of them will be responsible for helping the victim and the other for calling emergency which provide medical first aid. If there is a single person, first protect the wounded and then ask for help. Call the fire department and report the nature of the accident ,

  indicating the circumstances, the precise location and number of injured and the apparent severity of your condition.
3. Analysis of victim
To help an injured, first aid shall contain an assessment of your health: Check the state of consciousness, if he answered the questions (name, address), realize simple commands (open eyes, close at hand) and physical stimuli (pinch your arm); Assess for bleeding;

Check breathing, place your ear close to the lips of the wounded to feel the air and observe the movements of the chest and abdomen.

Also check your pulse on your wrist or neck. The normal heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute; in children younger than 1 year is 120. should Pulse taken every 3 minutes.

Complete with a quick test: check for fractures  apparent if there is cyanosis (bluish or purplish lips and nails), pallor or sweating.

4. The rescue
First aidIf the victim does not respond to any stimulus, get help and start making the process of resuscitation, basic first aid maneuver. In children, first make 2 minute resuscitation before calling for help.
Prepare the victim. Lay it on a hard surface with the belly up.

  The rescuer should remove foreign objects from the patient's mouth and then open the airway bringing the chin hurt to see the victim's chest rise.

If opening the airway does not cause the victim to make breathing movements, we must begin a process of breathing mouth to mouth . Likewise, if the patient has no pulse, you need to do CPR with mouth to mouth breathing. If you do not know how to do these procedures, wait for the specialized help.

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