Thursday, 3 July 2014

Healthy eating child

That healthy children grow up in a healthy human adult, the aim of every society and all measures of health and social services. The primary objectives are: to minimize morbidity and prevent the occurrence of irreversible effects on health. The health of the organism is influenced by many factors.

 Some of them can influence (social conditions, nutrition, prevention through vaccination, exposure to infectious diseases), while others (eg, hereditary factors) have not adequately control. fields of healthcare, which begins immediately after birth and lasts life is eating. Substances which are in the form of food introduced into the body and that the chemical metabolism become an integral part of, or be used as an energy source, are definitely the foundation of the biological power of the organism.

 Last year they went some tips on healthy eating to extremes due to permanent and constantly present fear of the various accessories that are used in the food industry food processing. Consumers were also concerned about the face of the most recent scientific evidence confirming the hypothesis that some of the pesticides

 used in food production affect the hormonal balance system in humans. Throw in genetically modified plants - and concern and distrust, many of us becomes how to understand and make sense.

  However, this is certainly not the subject of this report and it is not something that should be endless worry because all the dangers of environmental pollution and food simply can not be avoided. Slovenia is (especially in rural areas) still face prejudices and false performances in relation to food, against which we must fight with education and then by eliminating bad habits.

 Thus, for example. the concept of a healthy baby tied to his appetite and appearance. This is partly right and partly delusion. Running is really a sign of health because any disturbance of the general condition first shows up as food refusal or inability to hold food (diarrhea, vomiting). On the other hand, the appearance of well-fed child (ie fat kid) is attached to the wrong conception of health.

Well-fed child is actually a child who fed poor quality food, which is dominated by concentrated carbohydrates and flour, too little is appropriate construction materials (proteins, vitamins and minerals). Takšnoo wrong conception is, as shown, extended to the poor among the population in developed countries, the health of the child, it is equally harmful as food shortage faced by the developing world in Asia and Africa. frequent problem in the developed world is obesity in childhood as a result of inadequate diet.

 Cardiovascular disease and subsequent heart attack, which can be found in adults, in addition to the inevitable hereditary factors also caused by poor eating habits from an early age. Lack of vitamins, minerals \
and trace elements, which in early childhood has no specific symptoms, and in this case we can not talk about the disease, manifested in the form of frequent infections, persistent fatigue, abdominal pain, skin

problems, poor school performance, etc.. One of the diseases caused by the lack of calcium in the diet and of which the last years a lot of talk, osteoporosis. Mainly affects older people, especially women after menopause, but it can also occur much earlier. During adolescence, when bones creating the most intense, a lot can be done to prevent this disease. Source: PLIVA        x

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