Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Want to improve the results in bodybuilding? Find out how!

Fortunately bodybuilding gained a place in the fitness world and has many supporters. However, I believe that is the sport that causes more questions, involving taboos and lies, both in relation to training, and in relation to diet.

The training can be used for various purposes: gain lean body mass, fat elimination, muscle building or maintenance. However, diet is of utmost importance to any of these goals, because without it, the results usually do not come.

musculação_Upon entering the gym, usually people already want to take supplements. Many men sometimes buy supplements before performing registration! Little do they know that without a strong workout and a good diet, supplementation may not make much difference.

Many women have the illusion that doing a light workout will lose weight or gain what they want and even to devote to training will be very muscular! So this is where the work of nutritionists and physical education teacher to present important tips:

When the goal is weight loss, the diet should have a reduced caloric value, but needs to continue high in protein and good carbs, after all, if one reduces too much, you will lose strength, endurance and muscles use for energy recovery. The practitioner should plan to eat small amounts of food every three hours,
 improve the quality of meals and avoid fast foods, fat mass, soft drinks and sweets. Those who practice bodybuilding to lose weight, should caprichar in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy and whole grains.

- When the goal is to gain lean muscle mass, discipline should be the same and the greater amount of calories than you spend (otherwise no mass gain). But it is not because the individual wants to gain weight you can eat all you want, after all, if he can do this to increase their total weight,       

 but will also gain a lot of body fat (which nobody wants). So the schema for this individual is the same, what will change is the amount of food and the division of the nutrients.

For example, this individual can consume more fat than you want to lose weight (if they are good fats) and more carbohydrates as well. Protein must also be high. This type of practitioner, over the months, you may need some sort of supplementation to improve results and increase strength, but they should only be given by a sports nutritionist.
- When the individual wishes to muscle building or weight maintenance, apply to it the rules of healthy eating and nutritional education. A healthy diet is based on food pyramid: variety in the consumption of food groups, colorful diet, decreased groups of fats, sugars, etc..

So, if you are practicing bodybuilding and have some goal, know that suits your type of workout nutrition will make a big difference, because it will help you achieve your goals faster and improve their motivation.

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