Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to increase your muscle mass

Gain muscle mass is made ​​in two parts: First, make sure you eat right. An increase in muscle mass involves eating well, eating more food rich in calories.

However, the proteins must be in the majority feed plane. Then you should plan sessions of exercise. Materials bodybuilding help achieve the goal. Increasing muscle mass is a laborious process, whose implementation depends on two factors: the diet and exercise.

Attention to food
Gaining muscle mass means the general increase in body mass, but it is also a reduction of fat contained in the body. Choice allows a power to achieve this goal. For this, we need to increase the amount of daily calories. Earlier, the increase will be only 20% of their usual regime.

However, if the weight gain is not effective after two weeks, it is possible to allow a further increase to 10% of calories in the diet. In cases where the person is actually very thin, it can add to your meal 50% more calories.
In parallel, it is important to respect a certain proportion of food quality. Half the calories should come from carbohydrates.
Dried pasta, rice, bread and potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates. Proteins also help to form a solid and massive muscles.

It is natural, therefore, pay attention to the amount absorbed. An addition of two grams per kilogram of body mass is required. Then, if a person weighs 60 kg, it should eat 120g of protein per day. The meat and fish, for example, contain a lot of protein.

Finally, lipids provide a quarter of the calories consumed. Many dietary supplements can help improve the diet.

Special products contain additional proteins like Whey Isolate, designed to act directly on muscle mass.
Vitamins and antioxidants help to assimilate quickly the food eaten.

With creatine, people who follow a regime espedial can abuse a bit of strenuous exercise, because this substance improves recovery time. Whatever the case, you should always drink enough to eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

Make exercise
The exercise turn fat into energy. After a series of training, what remains are the muscles. Moreover, physical activity stimulates the body to absorb more food and thus increase muscle mass.

Exercise should obey some rules to be effective.
He must act on the major muscle tissues with an intensity, frequency and duration sufficient. In general, it is recommended to do two to three weekly workouts.

To develop muscle strength, experts indicate that the ideal for a run time is 20 minutes to half an hour.
The best time of day to run is, without doubt, at dawn. You better wake up early and enjoy the fresh morning air. The intensity is obtained by working the muscles with specific movements

. Is there a particular exercise for each muscle group: biceps, triceps, etc.. Repeat the movement of eight to twelve times per session.   

To do this, a large number of materials is available to bodybuilders. The mats allow act on the leg muscles.
Banks with weight bar and weights are ideal for working the arms and forearms. If you prefer not to get too tired, electrical stimulation devices are also available. Otherwise, abdominal and pumps remain on top of the list of strenuous exercise, but giving results.

Inter-sessional activities, recovery time will allow muscles to develop. So it is very important to respect the pauses to rest.

Finally, it should be noted that, before each session, the individual can not forget to do warm-up exercises to prevent injuries. When these principles are respected, can be expected to gain in the morning from 5 to 10kg in Space three months.

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