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Sleep apnea does not let you sleep well? Learn how to control

Did you know that there are people suffering breathing during sleep? I believe, it is more common than you think. The sleep apnea refers to a group of serious disorders in which breathing is suspended suddenly while sleeping. This time is sufficiently long to cause a blood deoxygenation and brain and increase the amount of carbon dioxide. The sleep apnea usually obstructive or central.

The sleep apnea results from a central dysfunction of the brain that controls breathing zone. Have a sleep apnea is obstructive due to an obstruction in the throat or upper respiratory tract. Apnea may indicate blockage in the throat or upper respiratory tract. Photo:

  Shutterstock Apnea may indicate blockage in the throat or upper respiratory tract. Photo: Shutterstock The obstructive sleep apnea In the cases of sleep apnea is obstructive, sometimes manifests a combination of low concentrations of oxygen in the blood , high levels of carbon dioxide are prolonged.

The result is to reduce the sensitivity of the brain such anomalies, adding an element central to obstructive sleep apnea disorder. Generally, sleep apnea obstructive appears in obese men, mostly often try sleeping on your back. This disorder is much less common in women. Obesity, probably due to aging body tissues and other factors, leads to narrowing of the upper airway.    

  The risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea is enlarged by the habit of smoking, alcohol consumption and lung diseases such as emphysema. Genetic predisposition should also be analyzed.Symptoms of sleep apnea The symptoms of sleep apnea should be observed by someone while the person sleeps.

 Make noises while sleeping is the most common symptom and is associated with suffocation, the pauses in breathing and rude awakening. In severe cases, affected persons have repeated bouts of breathlessness associated with obstructive sleep. This can occur both at night as by day, which, over time, begins to interfere with the work day, increasing the risk of complications.

  When sleep apnea becomes severe and prolonged, can cause headaches, daytime hypersomnia, decreased mental activity and ultimately heart failure and pulmonary. Therefore, the lungs are unable to oxygenate the blood adequately and to eliminate carbon dioxide. The initial diagnosis is given from the partner's own information, however, confirmation and evaluation of the severity of the case will be given through a sleep

  study in a laboratory. Treatment of sleep apnea Patient with sleep apnea obstructive should stop smoking, avoid alcohol abuse and provide weight loss.

 They are not recommended for people with severe snoring treatments with tranquilizers, sleeping medication or other sedatives, or for those who suffer from shortness of breath during sleep.

 Have people with sleep apnea often central to benefit from the use of an instrument that helps to breathe while sleeping. The postural change during sleep is also important: the position of sleeping on your side or upside down is recommended. In rare cases of people with sleep apnea severe,

  it required tracheotomy , a surgical procedure that consists of the permanent opening into the trachea through the neck. However, this extreme measure is only indicated in a few situations and is performed by an expert.

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